Monday, January 28, 2008

Collaborative Innovation According to the World Economic Forum?

The World Economic Forum launched this years annual meeting with a press release named World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2008 opens with calls for Collaborative Innovation and session topics like The Power of Collaborative Innovation. With a start like this, you would think that the IT section would be filled with examples of collaborative innovation and open source software.

However, reality turned out differently. Peripheral mentions of open source software were present in sessions like Developing Strategy in a Networked World and My Idea, My Design, but Whose Property?, but this came along with a more conclusive statement that "Open source results in robustness but not innovation" from the Update 2008: Defining Innovation session. Maybe they are on to something or maybe they simply forgot to read my previous blog entry Open Source Software - Innovative or Just Free?

Open Source: Robust or Innovative?

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